Bullet Blender Gold Next Advance

This disruptor operates Cold and offers extra disruption of Arabidopsis thalia cells. It is comparable to powerful Sonnication or Cell disruption.

For Chemicals, Plant Organelles and Epigenetic Research

Next advance installs the Software for the Bullet Blender Gold

The Gold Model Advantage The Bullet Blender Gold versions (BB24-AU and BB50-AU) unite dry ice cooling and patented comments technology to maintain samples at 20 °C, with noise insulating material to keep the operation quiet, and extra powerful homogenization to procedure even the roughest Arabidopsis samples.

Range of Samples The Bullet Blender can process a broad array of other samples, such as cell culture, organ tissue, plant cells and organisms.

Samples can be homogenized by you as hard as skin, tumor and mouse femur, in addition to hard to lyse cells like algae and yeast.
Entire Cell Isolation

Our Arabidopsis high throughput was running up to 24 samples in parallel, which means that your work is completed in a quicker, simpler way. No more probes to wash therefore there’s absolutely absolutely no contamination.

Essential Benefits

† HIGH yieldS Patented technology enables detailed, constant homogenization while warm ice cooling retains samples °C, thus preserving sample caliber.
† Better value Cheaper because of a simple, dependable design. Compatible with conventional tube sizes — no more expensive tubes. Includes a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 2 year guarantee.
Should you have to interrupt, homogenize, dissociate or lyse cells and tissue samples, arm your lab with the Bullet Blender Homogenizer. No homogenizer comes close to providing the winning mix of excellent functionality effects and affordability of the Bullet Blender.

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