eXtreme Array Mapping Light-Response Quantitative Trait Loci Identified with Composite Interval and eXtreme Array Mapping in Arabidopsis thaliana David J. Wolyn, Justin O. Borevitz, Olivier Loudet, Chris Schwartz, Julin Maloof, Joseph R. Ecker, Charles C. Berry and Joanne Chory Supplementary Data Kas X Col improved genetic map with additional marker data And .cel files from […]


RO1 GM073822 Principal Investigator Program Director: Borevitz, Justin GENOME WIDE ASSOCIATION MAPPING IN ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA Project Description Our proposal will investigate the genetic and molecular basis of complex traits and their interactions with the environment using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. We will implement a multi use, high density oligo-nucleotide tiling array for whole genome […]


Our suggestion will look into the molecular and genetic basis of complex attributes and their interactions with the environment with the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. We’ll implement a multi usage, higher density oligo-nucleotide tiling selection for entire genome sequencing. The sample includes a mostly unstructured center set of 384 crazy A. thaliana genomes. This will […]

Bullet Blender Gold Next Advance

This disruptor operates Cold and offers extra disruption of Arabidopsis thalia cells. It is comparable to powerful Sonnication or Cell disruption. For Chemicals, Plant Organelles and Epigenetic Research Next advance installs the Software for the Bullet Blender Gold The Gold Model Advantage The Bullet Blender Gold versions (BB24-AU and BB50-AU) unite dry ice cooling and […]